Tell Governor Cuomo and State Ed Commissioner King “NO!” to selling our children’s information to a private corporation

Students’ personal records are being slated to be shared with private, corporate organization–Bill Gates behind it–INBLOOM,inc. As parents we have a right to deny access to our children’s records. Here’s how to act IMMEDIATELY: send the Regents Board, John King Commissioner of Education a letter stating your opposition to this move: 

Dear Commissioner King and Chancellor Walcott:

As NYC public school parents, we instruct you not to share our
children’s confidential educational records with ANY third parties,
including the Gates Foundation, inBloom, Inc. or ANY other private
entity or corporation. We DO NOT give consent to any such provision of
information related to our children, Aaron and Gabriel Nichols. This
includes governmental agencies as well not directly involved in their
education. In fact we do not grant permission for their records to be
reviewed without our prior knowledge and consent by any person beyond
their teachers and principal.

We demand that you inform all New York parents of their right to NOT
consent to release of students’ data, and inform the public who will
be legally and financially responsible if this highly sensitive data
leaks out or is used in an unauthorized fashion.

We expect to hear back from you within five business days as to
whether you will honor our demand that you respect our right to
withhold our children’s private and confidential educational records
and personally identifying information.

Sincerely yours,

student’s name, district #, grade



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